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Learn how faith and liberty are making a comeback.

Restoring Faith in America | Judge Mack Victory
Appeals Court Affirms Chaplain-Led Courtroom Invocations

The 5th Circuit upheld Judge Wayne Mack’s practice of recognizing volunteer chaplains who open court sessions with a brief invocation.

Putting Religious Displays Back Where They Belong

There’s renewed hope for religious freedom breaking out across America where freedom is thriving and monuments are going back up!

A School Year with More Liberty Than Ever Before

After two major victories at the U.S. Supreme Court this summer, Americans in our nations’ schools have more freedom than they’ve have had in a half century.

Restoring Faith in America | Insider Launch
Renewed Hope and A New Dawn for Religious Freedom

God has opened an incredible door for every American to boldly live out their faith and restore our nation’s religious traditions.

First Liberty Supporters Pray with Coach Kennedy on the 50-Yard Line

Whether its students, teachers, coaches, parents, government leaders, pastors, business owners or people of various faiths, Americans are learning how they can bravely express their faith.

Religious Freedom in Decline? Major Wins at the Supreme Court Suggest the Tide is Turning

A string of multiple, landmark victories at the Supreme Court point to an unprecedented and incredible comeback for our First Freedom.

Coach Kennedy’s Supreme Court Victory: A Landmark Win for Religious Freedom

This is a tremendous victory for Coach Joe and a win for all Americans. Here’s a deeper look at this precedent-setting decision for religious liberty.

Bladensburg Precedent Helps Protect Religious Display in Tennessee

The Freedom From Religion Foundation harassed local officials, demanding they remove three crosses displayed on city property in Elizabethton but we stepped in to help save them.

2 Supreme Court Wins + 6 Key Legal Victories Giving You More Religious Liberty Today

Becuase of our major Supreme Court victories, there is much freedom to celebrate. Our legal team has been working hard to protect and defend your freedom throughout 2022.