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The First Freedom Challenge

Have Questions on How to Take the
First Freedom Challenge? We Have Answers

On September 1st, Coach Joe Kennedy is returning to the field to take a knee in prayer.

It’s our prayer that people of faith from coast-to-coast will come together on Friday, Sept. 1 to make this a national night of prayer. We’re challenging coaches, players, parents and fans all over the country to take a knee and pray at their local stadiums.


As you prepare to participate in the First Freedom Challenge, here are some helpful tips and answers to common questions:

  • What game should I go to?
    Look up a Friday, September 1st high school game near you and take the challenge at your local stadium.
  • Should people go to Coach Kennedy’s game and pray with him on the field?
    We’re NOT telling people to join Coach Kennedy on the field at Bremerton High School. We asking people to pray in their own communities, high schools and stadiums.
  • Do I have to go to a football game or stadium to take the challenge?
    You can still participate, even if you can’t make it to a game. You can pray from wherever you are during the evening.
  • Should I storm the field and take a knee in prayer on the 50-yard line?
    Parents and fans should pray from the seats in the stands. Coaches and players can typically pray on the field.
  • Can coaches pray with their players?
    If players invite their coaches to join their prayer circle, coaches can join them. But coaches should not lead students in prayer.
  • Should I take and post pictures?
    Yes! We’d love to see social media covered in pictures of coaches, players, students and fans praying after the game.