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The First Freedom Challenge

It’s Time for People of Faith to Exercise
Their First Amendment Freedoms

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Will you Take the Challenge?

This December, thousands of people of faith will be taking the First Freedom Challenge by posting pictures of publicly displayed Nativity Scenes and Menorahs.

Thanks to the Kennedy decision at the Supreme Court, local, state and event the federal government can once again display monuments like the 10 Commandments and religious symbols like Crosses, Nativities and Menorahs.

In addition, we’re challenging people of faith from coast-to-coast to make this holiday season a season of prayer.

But for that to happen, we need your help to spread the word and to let people know that we can now restore faith in our communities.

Here’s How You Can Help:

  • Commit to praying for your community and your schools.
  • Challenge your family and friends to take the First Freedom Challenge and commit to praying for their communities and their schools
  • Share the challenge on social media using the following hashtags: #FirstFreedomChallenge #RestoringFaithInAmerica #FirstLiberty

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