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On September 1st, Coach Joe Kennedy is returning to the field to take a knee in prayer, and it’s our prayer that coaches, players, parents and fans all over the country will join him.

But we need people of faith from coast-to-coast to challenge their friends and families to come together to make this night a national night of prayer.

Here’s What You Can Do to Help:

  • Take the First Freedom Challenge – Commit to praying with Coach Kennedy on Friday, September 1st.
  • Record a short video message – up to 1 minute in length – or take a photo expressing:
    1. Why expressions of faith and the right to pray are important
    2. Why you are taking part in the First Freedom Challenge and Taking a Knee to Pray with Coach Kennedy
    3. Ask players, coaches, parents and fans to pray after games throughout the football season
  • Share your message on social media using the following hashtags:
    #TakeAKneeWithCoach #FirstFreedomChallenge #RestoringFaithInAmerica

This is a first simple yet powerful step we can take to restore faith in our schools.

God has opened an incredible door for all Americans to express their faith and bring faith back to our communities.

Commit to pray now ➔

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