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Most pastors have no idea that a major shift just occurred in the law, opening up religious freedom.

In 2022, The Supreme Court ruled in Kennedy v Bremerton that personal expressions of faith cannot be censored. Now after decades of hostility to religion, the tide is finally turning, and the future of religious freedom is brighter than ever before.

On September 1st, Coach Joe Kennedy is returning to the field to take a knee in prayer, and it’s our hope that coaches, players, parents and fans all over the country will join him.

But for that to happen, we need your help to spread the word and to let people know that we can restore faith in our communities.

Here’s How You Can Help:

    • Join a coalition of faith leaders and commit to praying with Coach Kennedy on Friday, September 1st. Join at
    • Share this specially recorded message by First Liberty’s President, CEO & Chief Counsel Kelly Shackelford with your congregation:
    • Share your commitment to praying on your social media channels to help this message spread all across our great nation.

This is a first simple yet powerful step we can take to restore faith in our schools. It could even help spark revival throughout our country.

God has opened an incredible door for all Americans to express their faith.

Will you walk through it?